Key features

A wide range
of functionalities

A comprehensive database

Data related to the main factors impacting pipeline corrosion (coating properties, soil conditions, CP system parameters, etc.) are stored in different layers of the V-PIMS database. With this database linked to a GIS model, this provides immediate access to all relevant parameters in any critical zone identified on a digital map.

Easy access to field data

All remote field data that have been captured over time are also stored in the V-PIMS geospatial database. The related GIS model is built on data of the pipeline, CP system, high voltage power lines, electrified systems, foreign pipeline systems, etc. and that enables visualization of corrosion health status & CP effectiveness on a digital map.

A validated network model

Well correlated with measured field data, the V-PIMS mechanistic model confidently describes the actual status of entire pipeline networks. By generating IR-free potentials and current densities along the pipeline, it allows for a quantitative and realistic assessment of corrosion risks throughout the network.

Root cause analysis

V-PIMS builds an intelligent model from the geospatial database. Soil properties are translated into polarization data and attributed to pipe sections. Coating conditions are assigned to pipeline segments. Material grade and diameter are considered for attenuation calculations. Rectifier bonds are created. V-PIMS then performs the calculations that enable a root cause analysis of corrosion anomalies.

Quantitative corrosion analysis

V-PIMS calculates the current flow and potential distribution throughout the pipeline network. The impact of any corrective measures defined in the V-PIMS model can be evaluated through the related change in corrosion rate, delivering quantitative insights well before implementing any measures in the field.

AC/DC interference analysis

Starting from the model describing the “as-is” status of the network, V-PIMS predicts steady-state and fault AC interference effects from high voltage power lines, as well as DC interference from electrified systems or foreign pipelines. That includes effects that are unique to even the most complex right-of-ways.

Key Benefits

Reduce risks

Identify high-risk areas to prioritize field surveys or to decide where to install remote monitoring devices. Discover field data anomalies without delay. Easily adapt the CP system for any change in environmental conditions. Do all this using V-PIMS’ comprehensive corrosion protection overview.

Maximize CP performance

Get quantitative insights into CP performance. Investigate up-front all options for new installations, extensions to existing infrastructure or changes in pipeline configuration. Select the options that maximize CP performance.

Stay in control

Import field survey results and data from remote monitoring units. Perform an analysis of the severity and consequences of the reported alarms. Explore what-if scenarios and investigate corrective actions before undertaking costly field operations.

Mitigate interference effects

Identify and investigate AC/DC interference from neighboring structures. Research and design solutions that mitigate interference effects, even for the most complex situations that can arise in highly congested areas.

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On pipeline integrity management

To ensure safe delivery of oil and gas products, pipeline network operators need to apply strict standards and systems in the design, construction, inspection and maintenance of pipelines. Specifically, they need to safeguard pipeline integrity through the timely identification and management of any risks and hazards – including potential threats such as corrosion.

The traditional approach is to verify CP system performance with field surveys and condition monitoring programs using coupons and in-line inspection tools (ILI). All of these are time-consuming, deliver large amounts of data, and lead to high operational costs.

Elsyca V-PIMS’ unique mechanistic modeling approach provides pipeline operators with a direct measure of a pipeline’s corrosion condition. It overcomes the reliability issues and limitations of any approach based on field surveys and condition monitoring programs only, and empowers pipeline operators to ensure higher safety levels at lower cost.

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Why choose Elsyca V-PIMS

Delivering higher safety at a lower cost

Elsyca V-PIMS not just enables a more proactive approach to corrosion integrity management, its scientific modeling technology also enables pipeline operators to mitigate AC/DC interference effects that are unique to highly complex ROWs.

Elsyca V-PIMS offers distinct benefits over any existing approach that is based on field surveys and condition monitoring programs only:

  • visualization of the pipeline network’s CP and corrosion health status, enabling targeted and intelligent monitoring and corrosion control.
  • import of field data from remote monitoring units, facilitating the evaluation of consequences of alarm conditions.
  • identification of discrepancies in field measurement data, delivering an additional quality check on these data.

  • quantification of corrosion rates, allowing for the identification of the most critical areas.
  • prioritization and timing optimization of (preventive) field activities and corrective measures, saving on operational costs.
  • up-front verification of modifications and extensions to the pipeline network, reducing uncertainties and risks on any investment.
  • investigation of what-if scenarios to research the impact of the main system parameters (such as coating upgrade or degradation, accidental short-cuts, etc.).

This ultimately leads to a better understanding of the integrity of the assets and a more efficient approach to corrosion integrity management, delivering higher safety at a lower cost.

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